Resume / Bio

Leif became intrigued by interactive kinetic light art after he discovered the stroboscopic effect of fluorescent-colored objects moving under ultraviolet strobe lights. The more he experimented with the lights and the electronics the more he realised the possibilities of this technology. Leif is using hardware intended to create electronic music to create electronic light art.
Formally schooled as a painter and later as an industrial designer, Leif worked for years in the television and film industry working with electromechanical props and other special effects. Only recently has he merged this experience with his fine art and industrial design training.
A central feature of Leif’s work is interactivity.

The electronic light art that he makes is interactive and can be manipulated with buttons and knobs. Each viewer creates their own unique visual experience.
“To me, observing the spectator’s process of discovery can be quite rewarding as a seemingly limitless number of hypnotic and mandala-like patterns are produced by the various settings.” Captivated by the visual illusion, spectators find themselves stimulated and lost in time when interacting with the installation.
Leif is interested in creating art that is experiential, interactive and may bring about a state of trance in the viewer much like watching a fire.  He is fascinated by how the brain can assemble a rapid series of images and convert them into a smooth motion.

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