Wired Magazine

By Philippa Warr
10 February 2012
Wired Magazine

With so much whirring, clunking, tapping, thrumming and pulsing, it’s easy to feel a little overwhemed at Kinetica Art Fair. When you’re not being offered a transcendent light experience you’re being instructed to spin handles and press buttons on mysterious-looking contraptions. In order to ease you in and flag up some fabulously inventive artworks which caught our eye, here’s Wired.co.uk’s hitlist for Kinetica attendees.

Leif Maginnis
Maginnis specialises in interactive electronic light art — in this case a series of spinning fluorescent carousels which can be manipulated with two knobs — one for colour and one for speed. By indulging in a spot of knob twiddling each viewer creates their own personal viewing experience with minute shifts of the dial producing dramatic changes in the wheels’ appearance. (Not so great if you’re prone to travel sickness, though.)



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